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He won’t try that again in a hurry! Suffocated after trying to eat four PICKLED EGGS in a minute for a £5 pub bet [video]


A part-time gardener choked to death in after accepting a £5 bet to eat four pickled eggs in a minute, an inquest heard.

Retired builder David Mitchell, 66, collapsed at the bar of the White Hart, in Bridestowe, Devon, after refusing to spit them out despite losing the challenge.

The pub landlord and locals fought to clear his airways but he suffocated and died after the food became ‘like cement’, an inquest heard.

Devon assistant coroner, John Tomalin, warned anyone tempted to try a similar contest to ‘think very carefully before doing so.’

Recording a verdict of accidental death, he said Mr Mitchell had pursued ‘the folly of taking on this pickled egg challenge.’

Facebook has a Pickled Egg Challenge page on which pub-goers are invited to upload videos of anyone trying to eat three in a minute. YouTube offers similar footage.

In 2014, former Royal Marine, Gary Sims, 55, died after chocking on three pickled eggs, in a pub challenge.


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