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Lying Press turn Fort Lauderdale Massacre into FAKE NEWS [videos]


When tragedy and horror struck America again yesterday, it took just minutes for Lying Press outlets such as CNN to start the cover-up. Before the poor victims were even cold, the Islamist motivation of their killer was being hidden in plain sight.

Image result for Gunman Esteban Santiago isis salute

Here’s the proof: CNN’s twitter feed promoting their story – note how they have deceitfully CROPPED the photo of the killer to cut out the instantly recognizable ISIS single finger salute.

CNN and other MSM outlets thus tried to turn the truth – that this slaughter was carried out by a Muslim convert who supported Islamic State – into a piece of FAKE NEWS in which the perpetrator was just a mentally unstable US veteran.

You can help pay CNN back for trying to hoax the American people yet again. Pass it on to help expose them and break what little power to fool people they have left!


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