Obama blew $5Billion to fund THIS? See the horror your money is...

Obama blew $5Billion to fund THIS? See the horror your money is paying for!


One of the great ‘unknown’ crimes of the Obama regime was its spending over $5Billion of US taxpayers’ money in destabilizing Ukraine and installing a neo-Nazi puppet government there in an effort to drag Putin’s Christian Russia into war.

Obama’s neo-Nazi friends (who are also funded by George Soros) continue to wage a brutal war of ethnic cleansing against their Russian neighbors.

This video shows what’s going on as the Russian-speakers of eastern Ukraine fight back for the survival of their people nd their right to speak their ancestral language.

Did you know that Obama and Secreatry of State CLinton had blown so much of YOUR money to help modern-day Nazis kill innocent Russian civilians? Do you know that it’s still going on? Even if you already know, most Americans don’t, so please pass this on to help wake people up to the evil being done in our name and with our money. Thank you!

Singer Polina Gagarina – Cuckoo (lyrics by Victor Tsoi) From News-Front :”Donbass Defenders – My palm clenched into a fist”