Collision Course! Sanctuary Cities and Donald Trump

Collision Course! Sanctuary Cities and Donald Trump [VIDEO]


Sanctuary cities are Democrat-run holes where their out-of-touch governments refuses to cooperate with the federal government to deport illegal aliens.

Here’s what President-elect Trump had to say on the campaign trail about these places that break the law and thwart the will of the American people:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently announced the creation of the LA Justice Fund, a multi-million dollar fund designed to provide legal assistance to illegal aliens in Los Angeles. Similar efforts are being put in place all over the United States. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has drawn a line through the bloodstained streets of his city saying that Chicago will never work with the Trump administration to deport illegals.

Above is a map of major sanctuary cities in the U.S.:

But Texas GOP Representative John Culbertson has a surprise for these law-breakers. He got legislation passed that gives the president of the United States the sole authority to cut off Justice Department funds to cities that refuse to work with the federal government to deport illegals.

The battle lines are set, based on Culbertson’s legislation Donald Trump could cut off millions in funding to virtually every major city in the U.S., and the entire state of California because Democrats in Sacramento declared California to be a “sanctuary state.”

When Trump cuts off funding Democrats will run to court, while Soros-funded NGOs organize ‘resistance’ on the streets Their protection of illegal aliens will certainly be upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court in California but by the time the case comes to the Supreme Court at least one Donald Trump nominee will be sitting at the bench.

A Trump court will uphold the president’s right to cut off funds. Then the Soros mobs will go wild – and Americans will need to be ready to help our President stay on top!